Week 10 PLN: Blog post and tweets response

Week 10 PLN: Blog post and tweets response


When we spend a long time on doing the same task, we lost our attention and efficiency.The pomodoro method is a time management technique that divides hours into shorter intervals so to allows for an enhanced level of focus for longer periods of time with less drop-off in terms of attention span. I think these can be used by teacher when designing class activities that structured in a similar fashion. Offer a task to students and making sure that they will be switched to another within a short period of time is a good idea to increase engagement. However, it may also be risky, if students are misinformed, then would be hesitated to participate. 


Reflecting as I was a student, I have tons of homework. Now I’m in college studying education, and realized that homework may not be as helpful as it claims. I always dislike homework that are mechanical – copying, repeating information. It is okay to have these, but now we have to teach, more importantly ‘how to learn’. It is more important to have meaningful home activities to enrich students’ learning experience, instead of getting them to do homework. 


This tweet provides 9 inventive activities for learning. The first mention is the extremely-famous Minecraft, a video game that promotes creativity and problem solving. My favorite is the Jeopardy game. In the classroom, teachers can tailor the game and design review material for the class. It’s a wonderful method of collaboration. It is also very fun and engaging that students would love to do more than homework or “review assignment”. 

Blog Post Response: The Use and Abuse of Technology in the Classroom


We are always surrounded by tech these days. It is likely that we would be using more and more technology in our classrooms. But just as anything else, we have to be very careful and avoid ‘overusing’ it. This article is extremely clear and have well-argued points. For example, Technology should not be used as simply a digital worksheet. If teachers are using tech just for the sake of replacing papers, it is not a good idea. Students should spend most of their time using technology for more creative purposes.  In addition, the point that Technology should not be used as a way to keep students occupied is very true. Sometimes, getting everyone an iPad but failing to monitor their learning with it can be just as ineffective as teaching them nothing. The final word is that tech should not be just to keep students busy but with a well-planned intent. With less devices accessible to students, it is easier for class management and leads to a more controllable educational outcome. Lastly, technology should not be used to do what can be done without it.  Once again, teachers should have a second thought on what to be done with tech and what to be done with the traditional. Of course, the collaboration with Web 2.0 tools is still one of the strongest thing tech can accomplish – and that would be a good reason to use tech. 

If you keep the 3 don’ts in mind, I’m sure you are on the right track. The dos’ are for that would be technology should be for sharing, choice and the good. Use technology to enrich the learning experience and provoke student’s interests, use technology to help yourself manage students’ work, record, etc better, and always give a choice to students – the autonomy for using tech, in things such as homework submission. We have to, ultimately, focus on the students, and learning, not the technology.


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