PLN Activity: Twitter 4 (Week 7)

PLN Activity: Twitter 4 (Week 7)


WhatsDue is a cool little app that can help students, parents and teachers to be updated on assignments, which solves some of the problems that I had encountered as a secondary school student. Recalling my memory, we students were supposed to ‘copy’ down the homework that are to be handed in. Sometimes we just forgot it – and this app can be a life-saver. It is useful because parents can follow along too.


I am really excited about the future that parents can follow along closely how the students (and the teachers) are doing in schools! Mobile apps for parents about education? This is a very new idea that I have strong belief that it is going to be implemented, and spread all over the world!


This tweet is about forward-looking classrooms which uses “Augmented Reality (AR)” technology to take education into a whole new level. Although this maybe too far away, I am happy to see that schools would never be boring in the future – because their learning experiences are not passive anymore.


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