PLN Activity: Feedly Blog Post 2 Response (Week 7)

PLN Activity: Feedly Blog Post 2 Response (Week 7)

Should teachers be using social media in the classroom?



“How to integrate social media to classrooms?” is a multi-million question for all educators and teachers nowadays. Sticking a balance is always the key when it comes to Ed Tech. Too much technology may not be efficient and may potentially distract students, while zero technology would probably result in a traditional boring student-teacher interaction. Nevertheless, I am excited how the social media is going to help the evolution of education.

Of all the arguments and ideas provided in the post, which I think that all are strong and valid, I am in the stance that we should integrate social media in education. I think we need to educate teachers about the techniques that they should use when dealing with digital distractions. I think the force that social media has on education is unstoppable that we are forced to make use of it.

While using social media in the classroom has many challenges, we shall also focus on its use on facilitating learning in general. In fact, I am most interested in Instagram as a platform to engage students in learning outside the classroom. I am going to share my thoughts on its use to teach English better (as I’m majoring in that) Below are the best ways I think Instagram can help me with this goal:

Showcase students’ work so that memories are kept documented. It is also useful as a review of the semester – might also be helpful for student studies. Using the ‘Direct’ mode to let students to post to a class Instagram is also possible.
Share reading recommendations by snapping photos of short good reads that they can check out online or a sentence that targets the grammar points discussed in lectures.
Recordings of clips that functions as announcements, reminders and tips for assignments, or even tests and exams.

I’m sure there are more…

Until next time.


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